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Professional Quality

We are a group of professional translators and interpreters who provide language services to and from Italian.
Our network is part of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and all of our members provide a professional service whether in written translation or spoken interpreting assignments. Our members are also experienced in a wide range of specialist areas, aligned to your business.

If you want clear, accurate translations that will boost your company profile, or an experienced interpreter whom you can trust, click to search below.

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Strength through a supportive network

Established in 1986, our group of professional linguists was created to enable members to develop their skills and networks in the translation and interpreting industry. This aligns with the language industry view that its professionals should take part in CPD activities throughout their careers to continuously develop their competencies.


Our translators and interpreters are predominantly freelancers who have a broad level of experience as well as highly-developed specialist knowledge. This understanding of their customer's industries and environments enables the highest quality translation and interpreting services. Our members support each other with terminology and idiomatic language, while maintaining customer confidentiality. This facilitates and improves in-depth understanding and linguistic knowledge on a continuous basis. Our network members also share details about events and language-industry information that will be useful to others.



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If you translate or interpret to or from Italian, why not join our vibrant group?
Our members are broadly located in Italy and the UK, but we all speak and write Italian and English well, so we share our ideas and experience in both languages.As well a arranging meet-ups, we have an online members area and we run regular CPD events and mentoring.
As an ITI member, or an ITI guest with proven translation experience, you can join us for £12 per annum.

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